Starke County Economic Development has compiled a list of helpful links to local resources. Feel free to browse through the links below and offer a suggestion if you feel we've missed something. Also, be sure to check out our list of local industries.

Local Government

City of Knox

101 West Washington Street
Knox, Indiana 45534

Mayor Dennis Estok
Clerk-Treasurer Cyndi Mann Kidder

Phone: 574-772-4553
Water/Sewer : 574-772-4461
Zoning/Planning:  574-772-5445

Town of Hamlet

10 South Starke Street
Post Office Box 181
Hamlet, Indiana 46532

Clerk-Treasurer Kristina Pitts

Phone: 574-867-3541

Town of North Judson

310 Lane Street
North Judson, Indiana 46366

Clerk-Treasurer Andrew Rowe

Phone: 574-896-3340
Utilities:  574-896-3304

Starke County

53 East Mound Street
Knox, Indiana 46534

Charles Chesak, Commission President
Rachel Oesterreich, Auditor

Phone: 574-772-9901
Zoning/Planning:  574-772-9133

Gas, Electric, and Telephone

All three major utility companies serving the Starke County area have a representative member on the governing body of the Starke County Economic Development Foundation.  This ensures cooperation and direct access to each utility's decision makers regarding new service and any issue that may develop with existing services.

Broadband Providers

  • Fiber Optics, T-1 Capacity Lines, and DSL
    • CenturyLink has installed nearly 100 miles of fiber optics cable throughout Starke County with many available pairs for use by third parties.  CenturyLink can provide a complete portfolio of voice and data services including ethernet, MPLS VPN, and dedicated internet access and more from this network.  T-1 Capacity lines are available throughout all of Starke County.  DSL is available to 80% of Starke County with speeds ranging between 5.0 MB and 10 MB.
  • Internet
    • CenturyLink  Telephone New Customers-877-743-2907  Existing Customers-800-366-801
    • HughesNet  Telephone 855-663-0185
    • Fourway - Telephone: 574-277-7720
    • Frontier Telephone:  844-322-4405
  • Other
    • In addition to the above, high speed internet providers may include Verizon, Sprint and AT&T as well as local CATV provider Mediacom.  Service may also be provided by satellite internet providers, DISH Network, and DirecTV.

Community Organizations

Several community organizations provide our residents with the resources needed to live at the highest quality of life. From exceptional healthcare to quality education to arts and culture and workforce development, the Foundation covers all bases of life.




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